'Ukulele Paintings Liner Notes

It's been several months since the release of 'Ukulele Paintings and I wanted to put up the liner notes up here and also for download. Part of this whole process for me has been my exploration into sumie ink brush painting. When I decided that it was finally time to dive into it, I went to a local art supplies store by UW and decided to go with the traditional grindstone method of sumie ink. It just requires a little bit more time to prepare the ink but at this point I look forward to having that extra respite of time to focus on the intent of what I will paint. I enjoy the scarcity of ink I ran into while writing the liner notes. That black soot muddled in tiny drops of water became precious and required a tighten mind. The words: Do it once, do it right, and do it that way every time kept floating in my head as I tore through unsatisfactory results spread over sheets of rice paper. The irony oddly felt endearing at moments but I got the message I wanted to say after a handful of moments meditating with my ink to the grindstone. At the heart of it, I found it best to remember that the cornerstone of the experience for me was that it's something I love. My shoulder, arms, and hands loosened and I found fluidity in this last take. 

Liner Notes4.jpg