Digital release: 6/14/16 iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Here!

It is my pleasure and honor to announce my debut 'ukulele album 'Ukulele Paintings. The album features arrangements of originals and standards from the great american songbook. Each piece was closely handpicked to create a collage of solo and ensemble instrumental 'ukulele playing. I wanted to express a way of thought and approach to not only the 'ukulele but in playing music. I enjoy seeing a song as much as hearing it. Chords become colors changing red to blue while rhythm gives form and texture to the subject. Time becomes the canvas offering constraints and yet an endless number of possibilities. So I offer you these 'Ukulele Paintings to decorate the air.

Here is the track listing:

1. Till There Was You
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Cats Out the Bag
4. Interlude
5. Fly My to the Moon
6. Goodbye
7. Moon River
8. Karatoba
9. God Bless the Child

. . .and . . .
The people who make it sound good:

Milo Fultz - 'Ukulele Bass
Merlin Showalter - Percussion & Kit
Jerry Gleason - Pedal Steel Guitar

Mixed and Recorded by Tyler Fortier (4Tier Productions)
Mastered by Thaddeaus Moore (Liquid Mastering)

Downloads will also feature pdf liner notes with the story behind the song selection.