Neal Chin has been playing the ʻukulele for sixteen years and teaching for fifteen. Born and raised on the island of Maui, he began taking ʻukulele lessons at the age of nine. One year later, Neal started teaching ʻukulele lessons to family and friends, and he started competing and placing in ‘ukulele competitions. This led to the beginning of his performing career, as Neal started playing with other local musicians. At the age of fourteen, Neal taught himself how to play the guitar, thus broadening his musical scope.

In high school, Neal played both ‘ukulele and guitar, solo and with other local musicians. His group of private ʻukulele students widened, and he also taught large groups of students at the Pomaikaʻi Elementary School. Neal directed fifty of his Pomaikaʻi students in his first ʻukulele ensemble, and simultaneously self­produced and wrote his first album titled Who I Am.

Neal moved to Honolulu at the age of eighteen to continue his career as a performing musician and to continue to teach. Neal taught in a variety of venues throughout Hawaiʻi, including private practice, teaching centers, ʻukulele schools, ʻukulele retail shops, and English schools. Along with the teachers at the 'ukulele school 'Ukulele Hale, Neal’s students performed throughout the islands at events such as volunteering for the Shriners Hospital for Children, The ʻUkulele Picnic of Hawaiʻi and the Hawaiʻi Book and Music Festival. Neal’s students have also competed and placed in ʻukulele competitions, such as the Duke’s ʻUkes Contest.

In his six year span in Honolulu, Neal co­founded two bands and continued to constantly play with over fifty musicians and acts, including Benny Chong, Erika Elona, David Kamakahi, Illisit, and Steven Inglis. Neal has credits on many recordings, including the Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winning album, The Akira Project. Neal also has writing and playing credits on the Broke Aesthetic album House of Bones Ep, and also on the albums Things to Break and Seasons Greetings From Soul Sound 2.

After receiving his A.S. in Music Business from the Honolulu Community College, Neal moved to Eugene, Or where in junction with store Pacific Winds Music started a lesson program offering private and group instruction alongside workshops and demonstrations. In Eugene, Neal continued recording and featured on the Hawaiian group Olekona's selftitled ep, The Thirds Oahu (Ohtoro), and Kumamoto (Ohtoro).

Neal released his debut 'ukulele record, 'Ukulele Paintings in June of 2016 with a glowing response from it's listeners. Now residing in Seattle, Washington, Neal toured the West Coast teaching and performing while promoting his new release. 'Ukulele Paintings became a nominee for the 2017 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards for best 'Ukulele Album of the Year.

Continuing from 'Ukulele Paintings, Neal has recently released his latest 'ukulele album, The Spotless Mind. Neal is excited to continue sharing music through teaching and performing!